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Corporate Social Responsibility


BlackGold Group believes in the balance between the economy and social and community development, and is committed to creating both commercial and societal benefits for stakeholders. The Group is actively involved in developmental efforts in communities in Riau province, and provides financial assistance for the construction of public facilities and recreational events for local community members. The Group plans to find additional ways to improve the standard of living for local communities through continued corporate social responsibility efforts.

Environmental Care


BlackGold Group is committed to operating in a manner that is safe and environmentally conscious in all areas of its operations. As a company committed to Indonesia, BlackGold will work to protect the country’s natural environment as it conducts its operations. All exploration activities of the Group are carried out in accordance with the guidance of Analysis on Environmental Impacts and Environmental Management System (AMDAL). The implementation of the AMDAL system will ensure prudent management of mining operations with regards to environmental impact. BlackGold Group’s environmental protection measures include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Proposed measures for controlling and monitoring soil erosion and minimising loss of flora and fauna habitat
  • Proposed construction of diversion channels, drainage systems and sedimentation ponds to ensure proper water drainage
  • Regular water quality monitoring and treatment
  • Proposed water treatment and water recycling and processing system
  • Prevention of dust and gas emission measures
  • Prevention of noise emission measures
  • Hazardous materials management operations comprising storage and handling of hydrocarbons (fuels and lubricants) and chemicals
  • Waste oil, solid waste as well as sewage and oily wastewater management
  • Response plan for managing emergencies &
  • Site closure planning and rehabilitation.
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